In today's competitive market, many businesses embrace location-based analysis to enhance their decision making policies. Location Intelligence (LI) enables a business to address the relevant spatial and geographic dimensions of the environment in which it operates and to apply strategic analysis to its operation flow, on a daily basis.

LI draws on geographic information systems (GIS), aerial maps, demographic information and the organization's own databases to offer businesses an essential analytic tool which enables them to enhance crucial aspects of their business strategy.


By applying client segmentation, streamlining operations, enabling network distribution, applying risk management and assisting the transition to digital services, a business can track items of economic value that can be converted into cash.

Any business that can derive enhanced business insights from the visualization, analysis and modelling of location and Geographic Information System (GIS) data will be able to achieve its goals and maximize its business activity.

Locate provides LI solutions, bypasses spreadsheets, pie charts and bar graphs and incorporates business intelligence to relate geographic context to business data. Locate's ability to cross-reference between an organization's existing data base and other external socio-economic demographic databases, enables it to translate the findings into substantiated business insights and to create potential business forecast models.

LI is an essential and key Business Intelligence (BI) decision making tool implemented in retail sectors, banking institutes, Insurance companies, health services and e-commerce organizations. Locate's in depth know-how enables its customers to benefit from LI solutions that are skillfully tailored to meet the specific needs of each organization in each sector.

GIS is no longer simply about creating insights on a map, it is understanding the relationships between spatial and non-spatial data.  In fact, sometimes spatial insights can be more easily identified without a map. Discover how to create workflows that enrich your data and find answers to complex spatial queries without ever seeing a map. Learn the benefits alongside how to use these with other spatial tools and business systems.

Locate's founder Hilla Lev, has gained extensive knowledge and hands on experience in the field of Business Intelligence & Location Intelligence. She has developed enhanced LI based methodologies and models for leading companies and organizations. Her aim is to provide organisations with LI capabilities and analysis tools, to support their strategic endeavors and goals for staying ahead in today's global marketing arena.


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